Capitalize from our solutions and increase your revenue through sustainable creation of new products and services


We turn ideas into profitDataStation Innovation Cloud is an online software platform for innovation management

It helps you bring your ideas to the market continuously, making sustainable innovation part of your corporate culture.

DataStation brings together all your employees and improves their ability to communicate, collaborate and coordinate towards common objectives. It empowers you to sustain profit for your company and deliver value to your customers with creation of new and improved product and services.

Your complete toolkit for managing innovation

The DataStation platform provides you with a wide range of cutting-edge software solutions to unleash the innovation potential within your organization:

Idea StationIdea Station - unique idea management solution > Develop ideas faster.Combine Idea, Launch and Market Station to gain 360 degrees view on all your innovation activities!

Launch StationLaunch Station - new product development > Bring more profitable products to market.

Market StationMarket Station - product distribution with competitive intelligence > Track your products impact, compared to competitors.

What is great about DataStation is that you can implement our solutions independently or combined, allowing you to expand gradually as your usage and processes mature without any additional implementation and customization costs.

DataStation is designed as highly flexible solution allowing you to completely reflect your way of working, visually and functionally.