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DataStation is Welcoming new Team members!


Thanks to our hard work and excellent business performance, we are growing rapidly.

To support our growth, we seized a chance to add two exceptional members to our highly skilled and dynamic team.

Check out their expertize and what they said about new working environment.



Uroš Simović – Graduated Economist Guru, Passionate Product development manager within DataStation.


Uroš is a strategist. His bright mind and vast knowledge are fused together into one competent and focused manager. His leadership skills and pleasant manner are hint of tomorrows great leader. Although his under 6 months experience in DataStation is one of constant challenges that are thrown to every newcomer as part of tradition, he managed to conquer them all. All our managers are tempered to bright shine of steel, silver and gold. As we scratched the surface of his work, gold appeared. We are happy to have the chance to include him to our team. DataStation Welcomes You Uroš!


Uroš: “I am delighted to work in a company that tackles such interesting issues as innovation and project management. Coworkers are equally inspiring, providing excellent working conditions and atmosphere. I hope to meet high standards and help our team to provide best solutions in the industry.



Ognjen Milošević – Brainiac and Dedicated Brake Dancer, Powerful Software Developer within DataStation.


Ognjen’s initial appearance was one of quite and calm young man. He took his work very seriously, adapting to our energetic staff and hard work ethic with speed and agility. What we discovered, is that we saw just a tip of the iceberg of his potentials. If only slightly channeled, Ognjen will put his tremendous capabilities to tackle any given challenge, again and again. His work ethic is solid as rock, and his determination to finish the assignment at hand is what makes him great developer. He is constantly investing in his knowledge growth, and no one really knows which heights he can reach with this speed. Keen eye for details, fantastic analytic capabilities and solid knowledge base are Ognjen’s strongest virtues. He is brave to thread where others rarely do, and that gives him plenty of authentic experience that is sorely needed to reach the place of the great ones. DataStation Welcomes You Ognjen!


Ognjen: “Working with these guys, really made a great impact on me. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to contribute here , to grow and learn from the best. I really didn’t expect that working at DataStation will be this fun, challenging and inspirational at the same time. Thanks!”