Guide your affiliates, check regulations and keep a close eye on your competition

Market Station

When your new product hits the shelves, Market Station gives you complete control over their market reach and impact.

Market Station combines Competition tracking and Registration service empowering you to become master of your business domain. This is vital, as you will be able to develop clear picture of what happens within and outside your office walls, allowing you to glimpse future trends and align with them to grab every opportunities and sharpen your competitive edge.

Eagle eye your Competition with Sentinel

Witness the power of Market tracking!

Awareness of your competition represents a vital part in formulating and forecasting market trends and the direction of the company strategy.

80% of what your company needs to know about your business environment already exists within your company. A major issue is that these pieces of information are diverse and distributed via different sectors, people and documents. Putting all those pieces together to a big puzzle is a big challenge.

Sentinel helps you to collect as many pieces as possible and assemble one complete picture of your competitive landscape providing you with major advantage over your competition.

Market Station’s role in strategic planing stands on four pillars:

  1. Help management to better understand strengths and weaknesses in comparison to competitors.

  2. Better formulate understanding of what happened, current status and future strategy of competitive firms.

  3. Locate major elements of the company’s advantages, on which grounds you can plan future investments and revenues.

  4. Give top management support to create a strategy that will gain direct advantage to the company in the future.


Sentinel capabilities:

With efficiency and ease, you can enter information on companies, products, services and other market specific elements and track it from your unique business perspective.

All information related to companies is stored and can be connected with services and products of these companies within a single portfolio, together with market analysis, pricing and other forms of documentation that can be easily attached. Now, in one place, you have a complete overview of the company’s characteristics and its complete offer. Not only that, but you can also include the company’s activities together with impressions from their customers, partners and others that orbit around their market offer.

Tame your Registration operations with Supervisor

This tool is specially designed by experts to help your registration managers to save time, prevent rework and profit loss. Time they spend searching through documentation never knowing that it is indeed the latest version. Rework and profit loss as they are never truly on top of when each registration is set to expire and mistakes come imminently.

Managers and field operators can collaborate together on products, discuss them and give ideas for improvement or market positioning.

Supervisors capabilities:

For products that require registration to authorities before they hit the shelves, automated process management for product registration is available. You can define multiple process templates to run your registrations. Depending on the market, right documentation will be pushed to managers, whether it is country regulations, compliance documents or instructions for filing. You will get early warning notifications if there is a product registration about to expire, just in time so you can request registration renewal. Everybody involved in the process automatically gets a clear overview of their tasks and roles.

The complete company hierarchy can be replicated within the application, allowing headquarters, affiliates and distributors to easily work together. While the company is developing new products, networks of distributors are now able to request product distributions on different markets and under different conditions. It is easy to publish news about the new product you just launched on one market to others in the network, so they can request to launch it on their markets as well. Marketing materials, the best practices, usage instructions and other product related content can easily be added to any product and made available to relevant network members.

Result: NEW IDEAS and Quality decisions

Minimize risk

  • Increase agility by reacting faster to frequent market changes.

Put together a complete picture about your competition.

  • Strengthen business strategy
  • Get critical insights to support better decision-making.

Get more ideas based on your or competitive products

  • Connect successful products with their originating ideas to mark winning patterns.

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