Mobilise untapped creative potential of your employees using this unique online tool for idea management

Idea Station

Ideas are the most valuable asset of innovation, and your teams need tools to manage these valuable assets to defeat the chaos.

Making sense of creative chaos

Everyone has an idea, some are good, some are bad and some are excellent! Usually, ideas are not lead by any designed process or structure at start, leaving plenty of space for excellent ones to be lost.

Idea Station fuses needed structure and focus to the fuzzy processes giving you balance of creativity and discipline. That eliminates any space for missed steps, time and profit.

Share, Collaborate, Review, Approve, Prioritize, Execute!

Fact is that you have an organization filled with creative thinkers. Idea management software helps you to harvest their ideas, isolate excellent ones and bring them to market faster and better then others.

Best ideas are collected from both external and internal sources keeping your idea funnel always full so you can create new products and services. As Ideas start to flood in, keeping idea community tidy is a challenge.

 "What shall I do with all ideas that keep coming and keep chaos at bay?"

 This is where most of the other idea management solutions fail - they are good at the collecting, but they do not provide answers to what to do next. A good idea management system will help you solve the whole equation, so you can develop ideas into well-written concepts and realistic opportunities.

This is where Idea Station gives you the edge.

Idea Station software
Witness the power of innovative ideas!

Idea Station is built by innovators for innovators. Our vast experience collected from the market over the years has helped us to build a solution that covers every critical aspect of practicing innovation.

Idea Station engages employees, stimulates creative activity and promotes a more open and collaborative innovation culture within the organization.

With its rich set of features, Idea Station enables you to process any number of ideas, evaluate and approve the most promising ones, within an easy-to-use interface:

  • clearly spotting differences, similarities and relations between ideas
  • finding jewels among ideas with ways to track an idea’s popularity, activity and innovativeness rates
  • prioritizing ideas and preparing concepts for execution


Idea Station is affordable and best value for your money.

It is designed to be usable and intuitive, that makes implementation a lot easier.

Implementation can range from couple of days to several weeks dependent on the challenges.


Benefits for your organization

  • 1Organization performance on steroids
    • Faster time to market with reduced risk.
    • Shifting ideation potential within and around the organization.
    • Focused management decisions.
  • 2Extend a hand to your customers
    • Engage your customers and partners and discover opportunities to enhance customer experience and fulfill unmet needs.
    • Embrace customer feedback in the environment that can deliver mutual projects.
    • Stay on top of emerging trends and invest in your ability to adapt and thrive.
    • Uncover your strengths and weaknesses and turn them to opportunities.
  • 3Merge Innovation to Organization DNA
    • Unite all your employees under a creative roof and guide them towards key organizational goals.
    • Give your organization a sense that every contribution counts, and that key contributors will be recognized.
    • Stimulate and lead to contribute again and again, embedding the innovation culture in your organization’s DNA.


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