Frequently asked questions

What is included in monthly licensing fee?

Monthly fee covers everything you need to run your business with DataStation, including access and use of the tool, data traffic, data storage space and file storage space, email information sending and tools for analyzing your community in real time.

How do I upgrade my free trial account?

Please contact our sales team via contact form on this website to upgrade to commercial licencing.

If I upgrade, will I lose my data?

You can upgrade your DataStation account at anytime - you will not lose any of your ideas, discussions, projects, groups, or users.

Are there any account setup fees, cancellation fees, etc?

There are no sign up fees. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

What is the minimum number of months one must subscribe?

There is no minimum. Use the service as long as you want, and simply cancel your account when you are done. Your data will be stored on our servers as long as your account is active, and it will be returned to you in readable format.

Do you offer price discounts?

Yes. Our standard offer are up front payment discounts. Discounts apply for advance purchase, in bulks of 3, 6 and 12 months. Three month payment discount is 5%, six month payment discount is 15% and twelve month payment discount is 30% off the regular price.

Is my data secure and private?

All your data is stored in our secure data center and is owned only by you - we never share your private information.

Can I have SSL encryption for my domain?

Yes. DataStation comes by default with self-signed SSL security certificate included in the price. You can additionally require upgrade of your SSL certificate for confidence of your users.

Can I choose features to be included in the edition.

Yes. You can choose parts of the application to be turned on or off. For example, you can choose to have Idea management application with adding ideas and commenting, but without voting and scoring. Or you can simplify your Idea management application to act as a suggestion box, leaving only anonymous idea submission. Please contact us for choice of features ideal for you.

Can I request custom development?

Service customization is an option only in Enterprise edition.

I need more storage space or data space. Can I extend?

Yes. If you need more space you can request extending of both data and storage up to any limit.

Is my environment updated with latest version of DataStation?

Yes. We have a quarterly cycle for automatic updates. This way each three months you will receive latest feature, interface and security updates, and you will be notified of the update and new features in advance.

Can I propose a feature change or a new feature?

Yes. We love listening to our customers. Within your environment please use Send us your feedback option located at the bottom of the interface, and we will read it.


If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and our representative will get back to you in short notice.