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Launch Station

In today’s dynamic business environment, creating new products is a crucial activity. The key to your market success lies in the ability to launch better products - faster and cheaper. The biggest challenges the companies face in this game are rigid processes, poor communication and tough decisions.

Solution is to decrease spending and boost efficiency with balanced process, great communication and right decisions.

Creating better products with more efficiency is everything but easy. New product development (NPD) is a gradual process of reducing uncertainty and risk through series of problem-solving stages, scanning and selecting the best projects along the way.

Connect the people, collaborate globally, approve and execute locally!

It is a fine art of continuously choosing between costs of continuing with projects which eventually may not succeed, and the danger of stopping them too soon and eliminating potentially profitable products.

It is common that the tools used for facilitating NPD are office software or portal customizations with no possibilities for cross-functional collaboration.

Launch Station brings you much more: optimal resource deployment, focused decision making, continuous people engagement, clear role assignment, increased commitment and sense of ownership.

People-powered NPD execution software
Power of online product innovation!

With Launch Station it’s easy to keep track of your innovation project portfolio, from concept to launch. All stakeholders are connected and timely informed – managers, decision makers, project leaders and team members, in order to streamline their work and choose the right projects to invest in.

Launch Station can host any process model or methodology by allowing different assignments, tasks and deliverables according to business objectives. Furthermore, the phase structure within each project can be updated on the spot with ad-hoc deliverables or decision makers to accurately reflect reality and project uniqueness.

Easy access to project context documentation and files helps teams to get more work done and spend little time searching for information. Extensive reporting helps managers to pay close attention to portfolio performance, and to keep teams aligned with strategy. By using control dashboards, you can clearly see which projects are having issues, and which are ahead of their game.


Benefits for your organization

Launch Station delivers fascinating impact to your innovation product development:

  • Increase performance by introducing discipline and empowering collaboration.
  • Accelerate speed to market by reducing administrative burden and introducing automation.
  • Reduce cost by helping redirect expenditure to winning projects.
  • Ensure the right information reaches the right people.
  • Run a complete process ensuring that no critical steps are omitted.

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