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Partner Types

Three types of Partnership

Each Partner can choose between three different programmes of collaboration depending on the business aspirations and structural characteristics.  For each programme there is a specific level of participation which brings about a series of benefits proportional to the commitment assumed by DataStation.

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DataStation Lead Generation is a programme created for individuals and companies that will refer our service to their clients or contacts, creating awareness and potential.


DataStation Distribution is a programme created for companies wishing to distribute/resell the innovation management software to targets such as mid/big companies.

Service Integration

DataStation Consultant is a programme created for business and innovation consultancy companies that want to share some objectives of their own business and to customize DataStation accordingly. This way they reflect their unique way of working within a social collaborative innovation tool, expanding their offering and adding value to their clients.

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By registering, you will get:

Free online training

Training online, available 24 hours a day without the need to travel, is free and is a preparation for selling. The objective is to give our Partners the necessary know-how for the product, so as to be able to transfer a correct and well documented image of the functionality and strengths of the product to the end client.

No costs

All three types of partnership are completely free in the promotional period. And although it is free, the partner receives commercial, marketing and technical support services.

On-demand technical assistance

A partner is asked to make a contribution to technical assistance based on the effective use of the service. Each request for assistance sent to DataStation is based on incidents that can be purchased and can be spent on the web, Skype or by phone (English language).