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DataStation Raspberry Pi Challenge 2014


Challenge accepted by two teams: Hedgehogs and Woodpeckers

Two teams at DataStation Innovation Cloud - Hedgehogs and Woodpeckers took up the Raspberry Pi challenge to create something beautiful in the period of two weeks. 

The hot competitive atmosphere here, in DataStation office in Kragujevac, was fueled to full flame after management announced doubled budgets for the winning team.

While excitement rises, all teams are working hard to meet the final deadline - Monday, 27th of October 12 pm CET. 

The results of their hard work will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee at the Dragons den. 

While the topics of their project are top secret, our sources managed to squeeze some intel from the Dragoljub Majk Živadinović, resourceful captain of the Hedgehogs team. 

Apparently, they are using the camera with their Raspberry Pi to resolve some real life problems. What final result will be, no one actually knows, except the guys and ladies from the Hedgehog team. Nice.

Although that camera thingy might be something really interesting right there, the captain of the Woodpeckers team, Nemanja Ignjatović, promises that win is surely in their hands. Their argument, well, they say that they can measure if something is hot or not, including judges moods. Cool.

We wish both teams good luck at the coming evaluation and winning the challenge, with promises that many more should follow.

DataStation Team