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DataStation Winter ’12 Release Arrives!


It is our pleasure to share with you the news of new DataStation version taking flight since November 20th 2012!

DataStation is committed towards providing a highly available and innovative service to our customers. We are committed to continued investments to increase the overall functionality and usability range, and to deliver top value to our customers.

What is the change?

We are happy to inform you that we have improved our interface and created new features that enrich your innovation and collaboration process. This improvement means that your organization will be more focused on important initiatives and will outperform in execution.

When is the Winter ’12 release?

The Winter ’12 release for your organization is launched on Tuesday, November 20, 2012.

It is ready for you enjoyment right now!

How will this change affect me?

You now have the possibility to experience much better interface usability and get benefit of new functionalities and features:


System wide features

  • Request user to be added to the system via user chooser
  • Image cropper improvements
  • Base Template Theme
  • SWOT tool
  • Survey management tool 

Idea Station Enhancements

  • Inspired by this idea button
  • Collapse Details and Properties
  • Hover next/previous idea button
  • WYSIWYG editor autoresize

Launch Station Enhancements

  • File and discussion counters for assignment/task
  • Project Dashboard
  • Project prioritization
  • Invite gatekeeper button
  • Download Gate Document on Stage view Page
  • Adding pictures in project submission form
  • Project state history
  • Last modified
  • Linking ideas to projects
  • Informations on originating (linked) ideas
  • List all project files organized by stage/assignment/task
  • Create Team members on Projects and Requested TM listing and log
  • Edit Gate Document report
  • Red flags on Projects
  • Complete stage structure on single page (expandable assignments and tasks)
  • Filling GD from .xls file

We are thrilled to be able to bring these improvements to our customers, and look forward to continuing our investment in high quality service to you and your business.

Share the news with your contacts! They should know that their work can be much easier.