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Innovation Cloud - Free Online Idea Management Software


Accepting requests for Beta

With supreme pleasure, we announce that our Free version of the online idea management - Innovation cloud, is now in the final testing phase and very soon to be launched as the Beta version.

Innovation Cloud is intuitive, online tool for idea management. It enables you to collect, co-develop and execute new innovative and creative ideas. It can be used in the small teams or the whole corporation.

Oh, yes, it’s completely free

Innovation Cloud is forever free for up to 15 users. It’s perfect for the creative teams, smaller companies or creative workshops.

Reserve your sit today: Beta access

The small and medium companies need idea management to stay competitive. We strongly believe that idea management and innovation are the key drivers of the market success and should be accessible for all, big or small. That’s the main reason why we fused our knowledge and experience and created Innovation Cloud as the free idea management software. Its main purpose is to help you manage your ideas easier and bring them to market faster than your competition.

It is the basic version, with some limitations, but completely able to host all your idea management initiatives. If, in any case, your initiative outgrows the capabilities of the tool, we prepared for your great premium packages. You can find out more about our offer here and our tailor made enterprise package DataStation.

Enjoy it, we know we do. 

DataStation Team