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New 3.3 Version Published!


We bring you Social Revolution V1

It is our supreme pleasure to announce that new DataStation version 3.3 has been successfully published and is now accessible. You can continue to work normally and start enjoying new features right away.

To improve the content we deliver to you, we are continually implementing free quarterly updates to the system.

You were notified recently with the Announcement stating that the new version is coming and what you should expect with its arrival. Now, it is our supreme pleasure to announce that the release of the new version went perfectly well and that you shouldn’t experience any down time during the release activities.

Description of the new update elements are already sent to your e-mail within New Release Announcement. We highly recommend that you stay subscribed to our newsletter in order to stay tuned to what happens within and around your own DataStation system.

As we mentioned, version 3.3 is different! Besides many new features and improvements, we implemented first phase of what is set to become real DataStation Social revolution. With DataStation Social Revolution, we are moving forward to bring you top of the class collaboration and communication possiblities to ensure great innovation results.

This version also bring several features that are direct consenquence of your feedback. Once more, we proved that we are closely listening to your needs and that you can affect our development roadmap free of charge.

Download Full Release Sheet here!

IMPORTANT: From this version, our hand is extended to you in the form of support Ticketing system. You will be connected with your primary, secondary and dedicated administrators more closely then before, allowing you to influence the way your Datastation works.

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We thank you for your trust.

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DataStation Team