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Unwrapping New DataStation Version 3.2 in May


With your contribution, we are reaching perfection!

It is our supreme pleasure to announce new version of DataStation 3.2, which is planned to go online in the middle of May, 2013.

This version is enhanced with new features, usability updates and vivid visual improvements.

You can continue to work normally as upload will take less then 15 minutes of your time, staying true to our "99% availability" moto.

If you are working on ideas, you will notice the changes immediately. Idea state will be more pronounced with colored icons in order to give you fast preview in what phase of the workflow idea is currently.

Projects will be empowered with intelligent notifications possibilities, giving you ability to steer any action performed on the project directly to you e-mail, feed or mobile phone. Role system is also improved to be more flexible, allowing fast setting of project leader access.

From this version, our hand is extended to you in the form of support Ticketing system. You will be connected with your primary, secondary and dedicated administrators more closely then before, allowing you to influence the way your Datastation works.

With this and many other incremental improvements that are coming, we strive to perfect our tool and our service to you, our respected customer.

We thank you for your trust.

Yours trully,

DataStation Team