Quick Tour

  • Submission form

    Use simple, or create more complex form to collect all ideas from your employees.

  • Idea listing

    All added ideas are distributed on appropriate listings. Public on Community, private and shared on My ideas.

  • Idea View

    Join in the innovation effort by leaving your views, votes and contextual attachments to the community ideas. Take a tour on each interesting idea, familiarize with it, share and bring it to life.

  • Approval and Prioritization

    Once approved, potentially large number of ideas can be further shortlisted by sending them to Prioritization listing and ordering them for execution.

  • Campaign overview

    Here you can oversee all active Top down initiatives called: “Campaigns” and join in to share your experience.

  • Groups > Team efforts

    Organize right people into teams and assign them ideas or projects to discuss and develop. You will be amazed of what team spirit can achieve.
    Bring your partners, associates or even customers to DataStation groups and share with them your content to generate feedback and continuously nurture good relationship.

  • Reports > Top contributors

    Track the performance, review results and plan ahead as your system develops and contribution starts to flood in. Recognize most valuable employees and reward them to assure their continuous support.