Quick Tour

  • Dashboard

    Launch Station Dashboard provides you with one click access to relevant content tied to project management activities. 

  • Project listing

    All projects are distributed on appropriate listings. Ongoing projects are on Active listing, projects tied to you are in My projects section and inactive ones are within Archive section. This way you will track needed projects in seconds.

  • Project view / Discussions / People

    Connect all members of the project team to collaborate, communicate and coordinate towards successful launch.

  • Stage view / Assignments / Tasks

    Gain quick overview of the work activities within each phase. Assign work, delegate people, track performance and react on time. 

  • Gate view / Routing

    Invite stake holders to review and approve at the right moment and in right order. Don’t bother Global approvers until Locals finish the job. 

  • Reporting > Duration, Engagement

    Gather all the pieces of the project puzzle and combine them to gain full overview of all project activities, performance and engagement.